September 26, 2022

(2014-2016) Producer / 2nd CO-Host

The Outer Edge Radio began as a collaborative effort between researchers and writers Wm. Michael Mott and Tim Swartz, both of whom have considerable writing and researching experience under their belts. Mike’s website of artwork, writing, Forteana, edged weapons, and other endeavors can be seen at Tim’s website of Fortean lore and conspiracy rumors is to be found at Conspiracy Journal, located at

Welcome to a world of mysteries, of conspiracies, of hidden and forgotten knowledge. It’s a world more strange, more frightening, and more fascinating than most people ever imagine, or dare to contemplate.

Your parents, your teachers, never told you the whole story — either out of ignorance or fear. Your politicians may know, but they keep their mouths shut. The door is opening… Throw off your chains and blinders, arm yourself with the truth, and take a walk along the razor-sharp precipice of THE OUTER EDGE.