October 6, 2022


(2010-2013) CO-HOST / PRODUCER

Hosted by Michael “Outtasite” Singleton and co hosted by Angel “JackaL” Espino outta site radio ran from 2010 to 2013 the final episode officially aired on March 19th 2013. Due to personal reasons the host left the show, and went to work on other projects. The archives will remain up on this webpage for everyone to listen to for free. There were some “Good Times” some “Bad Times” and a whole lot of “Fuckery” especially one by Scott Tanner which cost the show a one time female co host, and caused a lot of issues early on.

The show was a lot of fun but like all good things it had it’s end… I wish my friend “Outtasite” well in his future endeavors, and hope we cross path’s again some day in the world of entertainment.

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