October 2, 2022


Officially now active, and fully engaged in bringing you our audience the top in entertainment world wide. Come join us over at our group pages on social media as we build them for you the public to join.

This is our PSN PLEX official group page on Facebook, and it’s reason for being is not to promote anything but the content on PLEX, and for us to know who’s a member of the PSN PLEX family. Only people who will be here are those who join the Patreon or are active on Paypal or direct payment. The Patreon page for Angel Espino (P.S.N CEO) shows how much the monthly cost is to become a member of the plex. The Plex account has thousands of Movies and TV Shows, and it will eliminate the need to have to spend tons more on things like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and other outlets.

PSN PLEX is the future for media! We include all these features including things like PODCASTS, and websites like YouTube, Crackle and others which you can find on your own but here it’s all in one place for you to enjoy. All in one collective, and so for more information either go to Patreon For The Patreon page off Angel Espino

Official Facebook Group Page