October 6, 2022

Want to become a PSN tv, radio or writing host?

Have a show idea? Looking to get on a network but don’t know how to self produce? Want to be on all the major platforms but not have to waste hundreds of dollars a month in doing so? Well here on “Public Streaming Network” we can help.

Given that today the world of live online TV & Radio shows, and Podcasting is growing ever more popular we know that everyone would like to have their voices heard but not everyone knows how to exactly go about it, and how to sound their best… Well on our network we have come up with an easy solution which we do think could help you out. After all we’re called “Public Streaming Network” for this very reason.

We have ways to accommodate the desire in you to become a host of your own branded show… With as little as $10 a month but no more than $35 depending on the plan you would like to go with. What do you get for your money you ask? Well depends if you need to be produced for or are self producing.

Shows which will be produced by producer Angel Espino who’s been podcasting for about 12 years, and does shows live himself without scripts, and he self produces. If you don’t have art work to represent your show don’t worry we have a dedicated Photoshop expert which will make it happen for you. This also goes for musical intros, jingles, and ads you might need made.

Our audience is diverse, and world wide, we do our shows live, and podcast our final mixes on Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and iTunes. Plus a dozen other platforms on the internet which we feed our playlists as mentioned above.

You might ask what if I bring in my own ads that pay revenue? Do I get to keep the revenue? The answer is yes! All we ask for is if you’re bringing in revenue in the thousands that you donate a %10 of anything over $1,000 a month in your own added revenue from online air spots. You can keep 90% and we will do the promo art, and on air jingle if needed for the site. Who ever wants to become a writer for our news section that comes with all the accounts. Just keep it clean.

All show masters, and final mixes will be on .MP3 and will belong to you the host, and are for you to download, and do with whatever you wish. Unlike some other networks we don’t stake a claim to your masters or final podcasts. If the day comes you want to leave you don’t have any contracts keeping you or your master recordings on our network. You can easily leave, and go where ever you would like.

We also can include such features as video shows, and YouTube ready audio only shows, and much more. So for further information please contact us Info@publicstreamingnetwork.com and come join the P.S.N family. The way to sign up is by emailing us and we take your payment in various ways from Checks, paypal and our main method which is on Patreon page or contact me directly for more info via that email.