The legendary NEAL ADAMS has passed away at age 80 RIP

The legendary NEAL ADAMS has passed away at the age of 80 and human Words can’t describe the loss here for he has been a apart of comic book fandom for decades. He gave to comic book fans around the world some of the best work in the history of comics, and changed the landscape for many for creators. His work on the Joker made me buy a very expensive glass frame of one of his posters years ago which is still up on my wall today. He became a friend over the years to many on online talk radio as he enjoyed being a guest on podcasts, and being vocal on the state of the industry.

I got to produce a few shows with Dennis & Rick which he was on for our network PSN RADIO over a decade ago and as he was a great guest on Unraveling the Secrets and a real nice guy off air… Neal Adams was a professional graphics artist, illustrator, and cutting edge animator extraordinaire who has and will continue to make graphic novel and comic book history. For this special Unraveling the Secrets, however, Neal describes the “growing earth”. The tectonic plates theory doesn’t add up (literally) and Neal has a working alternative. He’s not the only one to come up with this, either. Australian geologist James Maxlow also found that only an expanding earth could make all the puzzle pieces fit. Neal made some animations to explain the theory and those animations are compelling. For this topic, seeing is believing, so please watch this You Tube:

RIP Mr. Adams

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